Homes & Gardens


834 Lullwater Road NE

One of Druid Hills’ finest examples of the Georgian style, this home encompasses more than 9,000 square feet and was built between the years 1924-1928. Construction took four years….the first time. In March of 2014, the house burned to the ground during renovations and the reconstruction took two years to complete. The architect was Druid Hills Architect Francis Palmer Smith whose original drawings of the house survive in the Georgia Tech Library. These drawings and extensive photo documentation inspired the owners to reproduce every architectural detail as accurately as possible. Many personal belongings were lost in the fire however, many of their fine antiques survived while being used as staging in their previous home prior to sale. The home is a testament to the dedication and fortitude of its owners to maintain and preserve the history of Druid Hills.

1250 Fairview Road NE

This 1918 home required extensive renovations and landscaping but revealed a rich history in the process. The home features a new master bedroom and bath, kitchen and family room, and a uniquely gated courtyard. The owners have traveled extensively, lived abroad, and has wide and varied interests. These interests and experiences have influenced their design choices and inspired their collections and décor. A father’s rich military history also plays a part. This is a home where everything has a story.

928 Oakdale Road NE

While the architect’s identity is a mystery, we do know that the house dates to 1921. The style of the house is a uniquely eclectic mix of European and traditional details. While the quality and originality of the home were attractive, it was the extensively landscaped property behind the home that truly inspired the purchase the owners’ purchase in 2005. While the house was largely renovated at the time of purchase, the gardens continue to inspire evolving development. The owners have decorated the home in a rich combination of traditional antiques and contemporary artwork lending the home an air of sophistication.

1017 Oxford Road NE

In 2006, the owners purchased this circa 1920 home. The traditional design, beautiful neighborhood, and the proximity to Emory were all determining factors in their purchase. The house had already been renovated to a degree including a major expansion of the master bedroom suite. The owners expanded the kitchen and pantry and reconfigured the back of the house creating a sunny family space for themselves and their three children. The home is filled with family heirlooms and antiques dating from the 1860s through the 1920s. American Empire, Colonial Revival, Eastlake, Renaissance Revival and even a little Danish modern, it’s all here in this eclectic and beautifully decorated home.

1125 Oxford Road NE

This elegant Druid Hills home was built in 1923 and was purchased by in June of 2016. They loved the home at first glance with its understated charm and short walk to Emory Village. They hired HammerSmith to design and build an interior to be a departure from the standard Druid Hills home and create a personalized experience. From the dramatic tiled wall entry to the well appointed spaces, this is a home that blurs the lines between old and new.


1371 North Decatur Road NE

Built in 1922 at a cost of $7,000, this property remained in the original owner’s family until 1983. The architect of the home is believed to be Leila Ross Willburn, the leading female architect in Atlanta who was known for her mail order plan books. The house had a tile roof until 1980, the removal of which having been the biggest alteration up to that time. The house was last largely renovated in 1997 when all of the systems were updated, slate flooring added to the porches, and the kitchen remodeled. The owners have since renovated the upstairs once more, opened up the back of the first floor, added a deck and carport, as well as, extensively re-landscaped the property. Having moved to the house from a contemporary tower condo, the owners have instilled a modern style and way of living that blends well with the past.

1022 Lullwater Road NE – Limited space, Saturday only

Druid Hills has long prided itself on homes surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens. Many of these gardens are labors of love conceived and built by the homeowners themselves. When purchased in 1994, much of the property was overgrown with ivy and brush. Over the ensuing years the homeowner has slowly cleared the brush and developed multiple Quoi ponds and gardens. Tucked far at the top of the property is hydroponic garden where Quoi and Tilapia co-mingle under a waterfall. The fish waste, ammonia and nitrogen, are an ideal fertilizer for the garden where the water is cycled through the beds and returned fresh and clean to the pond. In return, everything from strawberries to banana trees and wintering geraniums grow to exceptional size. In addition to the gardens, there is a large treehouse and a barnyard complete with chickens, goats, and two miniature donkeys. Guided tours will be at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 and 3:30 for the first 25 guests on Saturday only.